Here you can find frequently asked questions for 420 UK. If there is anything you would like to know that isnt listed here feel free to get in touch via the contact form:


  • How do I get paid and how often? - You will be paid into your paypal account which you will need to give us the email address for. You will be paid on the 28th of every month! We can send you proof of puurchases if required.
  • Why are the percentages different for each club? - Running a website and advertising costs money. We are a small team who pay for both out of our own pockets to help the cannabis community and we are not wealthy individuals! The percentage differs because of the club owner. We will give any club up to 75% profit but sometimes the owner is a generous person(s) and will allow us more for advertising! 
  • How do I make a sale? - You know your club members better than we do! the best place to reach them is via your social media platforms because that is where they like to hang out. Just pick one of your products that you like, copy the link at the top of the page, post the link into your social media group or website and say something nice about it. 
  • Why am I not making sales? - You may not be making sales because you could be posting too little or too much at the wrong time of day. We like to post our content at 420 If we can! The only people who ask this are groups that opt not for us to advertise for them. Try making one of us an advertiser of admin on your facebook page and you don't need to worry about anything!
  • Why do you want access to our facebook page? - If you make money, we make money. If we can cover the running and advertising costs and growth of the company - we can start to make profit for holding events and venues of our own! We are good at selling and have plenty of knowledge in internet marketing. We feel that our help will increase your chances of getting sales and member engagement. We can include you in our competitions and even occasional pay for advertising for your club too! 
  • Do you have any more merchandise? - Our stock increases all the time because we are always looking for more things to offer our clubs and customers. We are currently looking at making trainers available!
  • Can I buy some weed from you? - No, Sorry. It is currently illegal to do so and we are a legal buisness. If you ask you will be warned and repeat offenders will be excluded from 420UK. We don't want to buy your weed either.
  • Whats the catch? - There isn't one really. The only thing you could consider benefits us is the minumum 15% profit we keep for running costs and advertising. We do share that % back by paying for advertising campaigns from time to time so there isn't a catch. We're a group of activists like you who want to make a difference.
  • How can I help 420UK? - Buy something and show your support to either 420UK or a cannabis club of your choice. Share our stuff on social medias and comment and tag your friends in our posts. 
  • I've already got a website or shop. How can you help? - We will display your club here like any other. We will provide a description of your club and a link to your website and/or shop. Any products you have will be linked to your shop. Any products that we have that your club doesn't have and we do will be available here for sale like normal and we will share profits like normal