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420 UK Supports Dank Nugs!

  • Dank Nugs offers a legal UK CBD Subscription service. You can also purchase products individually!
  • All of Dank Nugs products are lab tested and comply with UK legislations.
  • 420 UK samples Dank Nugs products for quality and assurance that they do not get you 'high'
  • Dank Nugs and 420UK Offer no medicinal claims and cannot advise on such matters. 


Dank Nugs Subscriptions: 

Small Dank Nugs Sub 420 UKFor as little as £3.50 per month... Dank Nugs will keep you in papers, lighters and Roach. We hate it when our only lighter breaks mid  session. Thank you Dank Nugs!


1 Gram CBD Subscription Box 420 UK Dank NugsAvailable Weekly, Fortnightly or monthly for £9.99... Dank Nugs Will send you 1 gram of CBD flower, Papers, Roach, and other essentials to keep you going on your journey. Bargain!

420 UK Dank Nugs CBD Cannabis Subscription Box UKWith this subscription box for the more regular smokers, you will receive 7 grams of the highest grade of CBD flowers, at least 3 different strains hand picked from a team of specialists. Along with all of the other essential smoking materials and utensils. 


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Dank Nugs Smoking Essentials and Flowers:


pre rolled coned 420UK Dank NugsFor a quick and easy roll. 12 King sized skins come with a straw for easy loading and instructions on the back if you've never used a pre roll. This product could come in a Subscription Box.



 Tuff Weigh Scales 420 UK Dank NugsTuff Weigh scales if you need to check your weights of any item purchased from Dank Nugs. With an impact resistant case, these scales last a long time and are unlikely to need calibrating more than once!



CBD Pollen Hash 420 UK Dank NugsCBD Content 6% THC Content 0.19%

Dank Nugs CBD Rich Hash has been made using the traditional Dry Sift method! Unlike most other CBD hash on the market, they add no carrier at all! This Hash is just simply CBD Rich Trichomes that have been removed from cured Plant material!

 Og Kush CBD 420UK Dank NugsCBD OG KUSH 

CBD Content 7.0% THC Content 0.19%

Prices from £10 to £160!

These nugs are dense and juicy! Absolutely caked with CBD trichomes, definitely one of best indoor strains available at the moment. 



Dank Nugs has a lot more to offer! 

Check Them out at www.danknugs.co.uk